Our Programs

"Building a Love for Learning"


At Ezion Fair Christian Community Academy (EFCCA) we under stand that caring for our infants and toddlers involve more that meeting their physical needs. Infant and Toddler development takes place in the context of relationships at home, at school, with family members, and the community.


These experiences provide children a secure emotional base from which to explore and learn. Much of the cognitive, language, social, and physical learning a child experiences occurs while interacting with an adult. The daily activities schedule is designed to support the children's natural desire to be active learners. Therefore, the total holistic environment is considered.



In our Infant classroom we build consistency, establish caring relations between teachers and students, and provide a developmentally appropriate environment to help each child grow in the earliest months of their lives. 

Toddler 1

In our Toddler 1 classroom we continue to build consistent through our daily schedules, building relationships, and introduce developmentally appropriate activities to support early child development. 

Toddler 2

In our Toddler 2 classroom we begin to foster our child’s independence through daily activities, dramatic play, language, and academic learning. 


In our Prek-3 classroom we continue to support each child’s independence while providing experiences through language, math, and art while building their capacity for learning. 


In our Pre k-4 classroom we challenge our students as we prepare them for transitioning to kindergarten through daily activities to inculde math, science, art, language, and active play. 


We provide after-school services for school-age children in our aftercare program which includes snack-time, homework assistance, daily learning activities, and free play. 

Our Services

Daily Schedule

Every classroom follows a daily schedule to ensure consistency and continuity of care.


We offer transportation services as apart of our after care services and field trips. 


Our classrooms support language and communication development. Children in our Toddler 2 classroom begin learning basic Spanish as apart of language development. 

Qualified Teachers

We have a team of certified teachers to ensure that each child can reach their fullest potential social-emotionally, physically, and academically.

Meals Provided 

Our culinary staff severs our children two meals daily and one snack in the afternoon. Everything is made according to state health and recommended portion sizes with a little love added into each bite.