Our Staff

The experienced staff at Ezion Fair Christian Community Academy is committed and devoted to teaching our children as they experience "Every day being a learning day!"
Ms. Kathleen Brown 
Infant Teacher 

Ms. Kathleen has been teaching students for over twenty-five years, her love for her students has allowed her to come to work and be passionate each day. Ms. Kathleen enjoys reading fairtyles to the students, she hopes these stories will inspire her students to dream big! 

Ms. Dolores "Peachie" Holmes
Toddler 2 Teacher

Ms. Peachie has been teaching younger students for over eight years, she reminds them daily that they are loved! Ms. Peachie enjoys teaching mannerisms, object names and shapes, According to her, It’s important that these toddlers know their “Please & thank-you’s” early!”

Aaliyah Jenkins  

Toddler 1 Teacher

Ms. Aaliyah has been teaching for four years, each year she is learning new techniques to better her teaching methods. Ms. Aaliyah makes sure she instills manners and the importance of sharing in the Toddler 1 classroom. 

Kayla Preston

Toddler 2 Assistant Teacher 

Ms. Kayla is fairly new to the classroom, we are glad to be her first experience with teaching children. She enjoys incorporating music and musical instruments into the classroom, She quotes, “Music gets students excited to learn and participate during classroom learning.”

Ms. Ashley Morris

Infant Teacher

Ms. Ashley has been teaching for fifteen years, she has a special passion for teaching the infant level. She enjoys reading nursery rhythms, singing baby shark and educational songs to the students. Motivating these little ones to crawl and creating a strong communication bond are two of Ms. Ashley’s favorite moments at EFCCA. 

Ms. Tracy Lively 
Toddler 2 Teacher

Ms. Tracy has been in the Child care field for over thirty-five years, before teaching at EFCCA she has owned a child care center for over twelve years. Ms. Tracy loves children, she enjoys being a role model for her students. In the classroom she prides herself on ensuring learning development, growing intellectually ,socially and emotionally in the classroom. 

Lititia Mundy 

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Lititia has been teaching for twenty years, watching the infants grow and nurturing them daily are her highlights. She prides herself on reading two books a day to the Infant students.