About Us

At Ezion Fair Christian Community Academy (EFCCA), our primary goal  is for children to feel safe, secure, and academically challenged. We believe each child is special and holds the future in their hands.


We offer the opportunity for each child to develop physically, socially, and cognitively according to their individual learning style.  Young children’s developmental tasks are to build trust, learn social skills, begin mastery of academic skills and develop positive self-esteem.  In order to best support these task, our program strives to provide developmentally appropriate activities, well-trained and consistent staff, a safe and healthy learning environment, and continuity of care.


Throughout the entire learning process we believe the parents are their child’s first teacher; thus, we work to support parents in their efforts to guide their child’s educational development as well.


EFCCA provides scheduled breakfast, lunch and snack daily, if a child arrives after the breakfast cut off time, the child will eat breakfast with our dietician. Our goal is to support all families, regardless of their ethic, social, or economic status, by incorporating, as a part of our curriculum, cultural lifestyles, and encouraging families to be active participants.


We have “Show-N-Tell” days where children are asked to bring in variations of ethnic foods or items to share with their class. The teacher will have a discussion about the items brought in and discuss any other facts pertaining to that particular item. We strongly believe in diversity and taking a further step, we celebrate other cultural traditions/holidays such as Cinco De Mayo Day, St Patrick’s Day, Kwanza, Hanukkah, etc.


We are so PROUD to have achieved a 5-STAR rating with the Delaware Stars Program, which means our early learning program is committed to high quality early learning for the children that attend our center. Our programs prepare young children for success in school and in life!